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The south of Germany advertises with its mountains, the north impresses with its coastal landscape and we here in the west, we have the beautiful Lower Rhine Region, called Niederrhein in German. Many people associate the Ruhr area and industrial areas with the German State of Nordrhein-Westfalen. They miss the most beautiful part – the Lower Rhine. Located between the Rhine and the Maas, the region offers kilometers of cycling and hiking routes, sophisticated gastronomy, regional products straight from the farm shop and art and culture lovers will also get their money’s worth. Its inhabitants are open people and are known for their serenity. They love socializing and cultivate traditions. The Lower Rhine is still perceived by many holidaymakers as a short trip region, although this is not really true. In a radius of only 25 km there is a wide range of activities, culture and a varied natural landscape. Regardless of whether you are planning a long weekend, a day tour or a family vacation on the Lower Rhine, I am convinced that young and old will get their money’s worth, because the Lower Rhine offers everything your heart desires. ♥


My beautiful hometown
the pilgrimage city of Kevelaer

Kevelaer is the largest place of pilgrimage in northwestern Europe and is known for its special and extraordinary history, the beautiful city center and an extensive range of art and culture.

With almost 30,000 inhabitants, Kevelaer is an idyllic place right on the Dutch border. The region around Kevelaer offers a variety of leisure activities for the whole family. Even if you may not yet know Kevelaer, the place is visited by almost 1 million tourists every year. Most enjoy the pilgrimage and are fascinated by the impressive churches and historical buildings that stretch across the entire city. The Kappelenplatz with its impressive basilica forms the heart of the pilgrimage city.

But not only fans of the pilgrimage are enthusiastic about Kevelaer, but also nature lovers, cyclists, hikers and friends of good home-style cuisine. Kevelaer’s charm and beauty can be seen and felt throughout the city. Many small shops offer a wide range of shopping opportunities and the numerous cafes invite you to linger and slow down.

But Kevelaer offers more than just churches, pilgrimage and nature. Since the completion of the St. Jakob brine garden in 2020, the city has presented itself as a place of relaxation. It offers everything that is good for your health and soul. But body and mind are not neglected in Kevelaer neither. Whether enjoying the typical Lower Rhine landscape on a bike tour, exploring one of the varied hiking trails on foot or diving into the 2500 square meter exhibition area of the Lower Rhine Museum: Kevelaer offers all this and much more ♥


The 5 most popular places in Kevelaer

Kevelaer offers a lot of sights.
Here are my personal TOP 5 must-see sights


Brine garden St. Jakob

The St. Jakob brine garden is the new highlight in Kevelaer and a popular place with tourists and locals. The beautifully designed park is located on the quiet outskirts and is the perfect place to relax and take a deep breath. The park includes the imposing graduation tower, a Kneipp facility, the Bible garden, a barefoot path and an outdoor sports area. True to the motto “Healthy in body and soul”, visitors to the St. Jakob brine garden can take a break from everyday life.

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Graduation tower

The brine spring was discovered in 1994, but it would be almost 25 years before the groundbreaking ceremony for the graduation tower took place. Today it stands in full splendor in the St. Jakob brine garden and is the absolute highlight of the park. Its shell shape and the associated accessibility is unique. The salty air is as healthy as a walk by the sea, as inhaling the aerosols prevents respiratory diseases and colds.

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The Kapellenplatz (Place of the Chapel) is the heart of the city center of Kevelaer and the destination of all pilgrims. The charm and beauty of this place is unique. The sights of the pilgrimage are concentrated in a manageable space: the picturesque priest’s house, the candle chapel as the oldest pilgrimage church in Kevelaer, the Forum Pax-Christi, the magnificent basilica and the historic chapel of grace are all within walking distance. The Chapel of Mercy was built in 1641 by the merchant Hendrick Busman.

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The Marienbasilika towers stately in front of the Kapellenplatz in Kevelaer. It was built from 1858 to 1864 and, with its 90-meter-high tower, can be recognized as a landmark of the city from a great distance. The elaborate paintings in the interior of the church are particularly impressive. The organ of the basilica is impressive and even an experience. With its 128 sounding stops, the basilica organ is one of the largest organ works in Europe.

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Inner city

The center of Kevelaer invites you to take a leisurely stroll, go shopping or to linger. The historic city center with its beautiful house facades, numerous cafes and restaurants has a very special charm. The main shopping streets are Hauptstrasse and the smaller Busmannstrasse. This is where the pulsating life takes place. In addition to well-known brand names, there are also many individual shops in Kevelaer.

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Family activities

The 3 most popular leisure activities for families

With its wide range of leisure activities, Kevelaer is a pure paradise for children.
Here are my TOP 3 activities for the whole family


3rd place – Kids Cinema “KoBü-Flimmern”

Kevelaer also attracts young city dwellers and their friends with a colorful range of cultural activities. Children’s events and plays take place regularly in the concert hall, the “Bühnenhaus”. Children’s eyes shine when they as well become part of the performance and suddenly stand on stage. The “KoBü Flimmern” also takes place once a month. Popcorn and cold drinks should of course not be missing when the latest children’s and family films are shown on the screen and the cinema atmosphere is perfect.


2nd place – Paddling on the Niers

Paddling on the Niers has been an absolute leisure highlight in Kevelaer for years already. There is space for the whole family in a canoe or rubber dinghy as they can glide over the glittering water of the Niers current. On the way, the paddlers fortify themselves with delicacies they have brought with them and just have a good time. The canoe tour can be a relaxing time to enjoy the peace and quiet on the water, but the time is also often used for an extensive water fight.

1st place – The Amusement Park “Irrland”

There is hardly a better pastime in Kevelaer than a family trip to the fantastic “Irrland”. What started about 20 years ago with a farm and a Maize labyrinth, is today Europe’s largest “farm adventure oasis”. In an area of over 300,000 square meters, children can simply be children and let off steam, play and have fun. But parents don’t miss out in the all-weather park either: palm-fringed green oases exude a Mediterranean holiday flair and invite you to linger.

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