From passion to vocation

From passion to vocation

Hey, There!
I’m Sarah M.

» Traveling makes me happy. You as well?
» You want to be always up to date about what’s going on in the travel world?
» You are searching for an extraordinary travel experience?
» You are not turning a blind eye on social injustice and grievances within the travel area?

Then you are spot on at DESTINATIONS – by SARAH M. !

In my travel journal and on the social media channels you will find all the information and inspiration you need for your next vacation. It is also important to me to inform you about sustainability in the travel industry and to create awareness for the grievances in various holiday areas. Does this match your desires? Then let’s travel the world together ♥

My Story

My personal journey

How I’ve been following the great wide world calling me and
eventually found my true passion.


Hey, my Name is Sarah Machek. Founder, travel expert, mother, passionate explorer and unconventional free spirit. Growing up at the beautiful Niederrhein in Germany, I had the urge to discover the world and escape the idyllic countryside already from an early age. While other teenagers saved their pocket money to buy the hottest clothes to show off at the next barn party, I danced through the clubs in the big cities and saved my money to go travel with my friends during the next vacation.

After my commercial apprenticeship and my degree in marketing and communication at the latest, nothing could keep me in Germany anymore. Until then I had already been able to discover some European countries, but now the great freedom called – AUSTRALIA! I did not only pack my bags, but also a lot of courage and a thirst for adventure and was sitting on the next plane to Sydney. As soon as I got there, I fell in love at first sight with the country, its ease and its people.

After six months of internship, lifestyle and traveling down under, I came back to my old life in Germany. In search of my positioning in advertising and after some job changes, I could no longer deny the reputation of my inner voice. I felt cramped, out of place, and unhappy. As so often in my life before, I trusted my gut feeling, quit my job and started working as a flight attendant in the Lufthansa Group. What was initially intended to be a bridging job quickly turned out to be

my personal big lot out! It just felt right! This is where I wanted to stay! Within my new passion, I found all the freedom I had been looking for for so long – and the best part was that I got even paid for it. In the more than 10 years as a flight attendant, doors opened all over the world, friendships and acquaintances developed around the globe and the fascination for extraordinary hotels and beautiful travel destinations was born.

My Offer

Why should we
travel the world together?

You are asking yourself

  • Where should my next trip go to?
  • How can I find the right destination in the travel agent jungle?
  • How do I find a truly exceptional accommodation?
  • Traveling during Corona times – how does it work safely and easily?
  • How can I help to fight and improve grievances in the holiday region?

You desire

  • Exceptional destinations
  • Easy booking and high-quality hotel tips
  • Travel reports and insights from authentic explorers and local experts
  • A platform for your guest post
  • Always up-to-date information about the travel industry
  • Information on how you can promote sustainable travel and on organizations that support social grievances

My Offer

  • Authentic testimonials
  • Inspirational guest posts
  • Uncomplicated booking directly on my website
  • Reliable partners providing high quality and standards that I stand for
  • Certified and audited organizations to support social projects
  • Individual advice and much more.

My Qualification

  • Certified wholesale and foreign trade clerk
  • Degree in marketing communications
  • Projects in the marketing and advertising industry
  • Junior Sales Manager @ Maritim Hotel, Düsseldorf
  • 11 year as a flight attendant @ Lufthansa Group, Düsseldorf
  • Co – founder of ERFOLG BIST DU! (
  • Founder of DESTINATIONS – by SARAH M.
My Mission

From passion to vocation

Why I feel obliged to give back to the world that
has been spoiling me so selflessly


Looking back on all my travels over the past 25 years, I feel very grateful! Grateful to be able to discover the world with its wonderful places. Grateful for the amazingly diverse people and cultures that I have met. Gratweful for how all the trips have changed me. I am convinced that every journey is, to a certain extent, a journey to oneself – at least that is my experience. But since I’ve always been a person who likes to look at both sides of the medal

who likes to question things and consciously walks through life, of course on all my travels I also noticed the less beautiful things in the travel countries. How shocking I found it, for example, in the States to see how at nightfall the homeless people almost piled up on the streets. How sick and starved street dogs in Bucharest were disregarded by the population and sometimes treated badly. How children in the Mexican slums stood in their own excretions at over 40 degrees and waved at us, the cruise tourists

in our air-conditioned bus on the way to the next sundowner. All of these experiences and many more have shaped and changed me and my approach to life for ever. And of course not to forget the topic of climate protection and sustainability in the travel industry. In my opinion, responsible care is our duty – both to the environment and to future generations! How can we continue to apreciate the beauty of the earth

and travel it but on the other hand create an awareness to take on responsibility? We certainly agree that it will be difficult to travel to New Zealand by bike or to Argentina by boat. But a small step would already be taken if everyone, for example, would offset the voluntary amount for the CO2 emissions of their flight (my climate) or when choosing accommodation, make sure that the hotel, for example, values the importance to reducing waste and, in the best case, only uses plastic-free products.

Planet Tree

My Promise

I would like to contribute personally to climate protection. For every trip booked through my site, I will plant a tree in cooperation with Planet Tree. With your help, I would like to support their fantastic work in preserving biodiversity and protecting habitats.

My Experience

“Traveling makes you humble.
You realize what a small place you occupy in the world.”
(Gustav Flaubert)

Lets Go

Does this match your desires? Then let’s travel on together!

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