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July 2, 2021

Three vacation hits at the beginning of the vacation

Offer No. 1 – Robinson Club
Save up to EUR 500 per person in the Summersale

Promotion period: starts today – the promotion is still open

Travel period: July 2nd to January 31st, 2022 (latest return journey)

Minimum length of stay: 7 nights

• Offer ist only valid for package tours and hotel only
• Participating clubs:

The discount is always granted per person for those travelers whose flat-rate flight price (including flight, transfer, accommodation and meals) reaches or exceeds the specified minimum price. Extras (e.g. private transfer, special baggage and insurance) as well as additional services (e.g. seat reservation, meals on board) are not included in the minimum price.

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Offer No. 2 – Eurowings
Reduced last minute flights with up to 25% discount

The most beautiful beaches in Europe, escape from everyday life, experience the culture of another city, preferably next week?

Eurowings has many reduced last minute flights with up to 25% discount on tickets for flights in July, August and September.

Carefree and flexible travel with theEurowings We-Care promise (free of charge and unlimited number of times can be rebooked, return promise to Germany)

On the action page you will find numerous connections to dreamy sunshine destinations and exciting cities.

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Offer No. 3 – Deutsche Bahn
Summer ticket 4 rides in 2nd class

The Deutsche Bahn summer ticket is back!

It includes four trips in 2nd class at € 22.50 each for people between 18 and 26 years of age (total price: € 90) and € 17.50 per trip for under-18s (total price: € 70). This means that you can travel through Germany cheaply in the summer as usual. What is new this year is that single trips must be redeemed up to 2 days before the trip. The summer ticket is only sold online.

Product: Summer ticket – 4 journeys in 2nd class
Price: 22.50 EUR per trip (18-26 years) / 17.50 EUR per trip <18 y.
Sales period: July 1st to August 15th, 2021
Travel period: July 1st to September 26th, 2021

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June 17, 2021

Couples save up to EUR 300 extra

If you too feel like taking part in this great offer, your next vacation
to spend at the Robinson Club, then click the button.

Promotion period:today up to and including 06/21/21

Travel period: June 17 to November 15, 2021

Minimum stay: 3 nights

Promotion code: URLAUB150

• Offer is only valid for package tours and Hotel Only

• Minimum price per person:
from 1199 € = 150 € discount per person
from 799€= 100€ discount per person
from € 399 = 50€ discount per person

* For online bookings, there is the option of entering the voucher code in the booking process. This automatically reduces the travel price. The discount is always granted per person for those travelers whose flat-rate flight price (including flight, transfer, accommodation and meals) reaches or exceeds the specified minimum price. Extras (e.g. private transfer, special baggage and insurance) as well as additional services (e.g. seat reservation, meals on board) are not included in the minimum price. The promotion code is valid for the following ROBINSON clubs: ROBINSON CLUB Esquinzo Playa – ROBINSON CLUB Jandia Playa – ROBINSON CLUB Sarigerme Park – ROBINSON CLUB Pamfilya – ROBINSON CLUB Nobilis – ROBINSON CLUB Camyuva – ROBINSON CLUB Cala Serena – ROBINSON CLUB Quinta da Ria – ROBINSON CLUB Agadir – ROBINSON CLUB Soma Bay – ROBINSON CLUB Ierapetra – ROBINSON CLUB Daidalos – ROBINSON CLUB Kyllini Beach – ROBINSON CLUB Cyprus – ROBINSON CLUB Apulia – ROBINSON CLUB Cabo Verde – ROBINSON CLUB Noonu – ROBINSON CLUB Maldives

June 15th, 2021

Despite frequent travel:
UEFA promises the most environmentally friendly European Championship in history

Due to the corona effects, the EURO 2021 will not be as environmentally harmful as expected, but the CO2 footprint remains a major problem. UEFA provides solutions!


A soccer championship spread all over the continent and even as far as Asia in eleven cities – that sounds like a really bad idea from a climate protection perspective. Even if significantly fewer fans are expected as a result of the corona pandemic than originally planned, the travel activity of the players and fans alone causes enormous CO2 emissions. In times of global warming and green movements like “Fridays for Future”, UEFA is coming too

has to face environmental topics. They want to make the sustainability of the Pan-European EURO the “most environmentally friendly final round to date,” UEFA said. This should be achieved through various environmental protection or compensation measures, above all through investments in projects by “South Pole”. This is a Swiss company that promises solutions for climate neutrality in accordance with the most demanding international guidelines.

One initiative, for example, provides residents of rural areas in Rwanda with energy-efficient cooking stoves, which means that people there use less fuel such as wood and coal. UEFA also supports wind farms in New Caledonia and planted more than 100,000 trees in the host cities of Baku and Amsterdam, which are expected to filter an estimated 45,000 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere over the course of their life. According to Aleksander

Ceferin (President of the European Football Union), UEFA takes its responsibility in this context very seriously. The projects would not only help to offset the resulting CO2 emissions, but the extraordinary tournament format also conserved resources. “Fewer stadiums and correspondingly fewer transport connections have to be built.” It is even through smaller measures

that organizers try to strengthen the sustainability of the event. In most host locations, public transport is free for ticket holders, media representatives, volunteers and employees. The enormous waste in the stadiums is to be reduced, recycled and reused through various concepts.

The association as well as many other sports organizations and their sponsors have understood that environmental protection is gaining in importance in competitive sports. A major event without concrete measures has an image problem these days, which affects its acceptance and thus its attractiveness.

(Source: Sonderbeilage NN – 09. Juni 2021)

June 5th + 6th, 2021

The TOP 3 corona-free travel destinations

Would you like to take a vacation away from mass tourism during the pandemic?
No problem! You can travel to these 3 European islands without hesitation.


After the long months of the pandemic, many people simply want to “get out of their own four walls” and go on vacation. Due to the decreasing number of infections, it is possible to travel again. The increasing vaccination rate and falling incidences are relaxing in Europe and some travel destinations are already corona-free.

Entering and leaving Europe is also becoming easier again and the risk of a corona infection is decreasing, so that nothing stands in the way of a carefree summer vacation. Some islands are even already considered corona-free. There the risk of infection is minimal and the vacation can be enjoyed to the full.


Here you will find an overview of the TOP 3 corona-free islands,
that you can visit without hesitation


3rd place: Kea Island (Greece)

The small Greek island of Kea is located approx. 60 km southeast of Athens and belongs to the South Aegean region. It offers holidays far away from mass tourism: quiet beaches, green hills with squat and winding villages. The Greek island is considered a quiet alternative to Crete, Kos or Rhodes. Herd immunity has already been achieved on Kea. Far away from everyday stress, you will look in vain for large hotel complexes and tourist groups. Since April 19, 2021, there is no longer any quarantine requirement for travelers.

Click here for more information and accommodations on Kea.

2nd place: Capri Island (Italy)

Crystal clear water, high cliffs and a picturesque backdrop: the Italian island of Capri has always been a very popular holiday destination for tourists. As one of the first islands in Italy, all residents and tourism officials have been fully vaccinated since the beginning of May. Entry and exit are no longer a problem either, as Italy has lifted the quarantine requirement for tourists. Thanks to the new entry regulations in Germany, returnees no longer have to be in quarantine. So nothing stands in the way of a relaxing holiday.

Click here for more information and accommodation on Capri.

1st place: Malta island

Malta is a relatively small island, but it has everything a vacationer’s heart desires: wide beaches, beautiful towns and quiet villages. Anyone interested in art and history is also in the right place on Malta: historical excavations and temples are spread all over the island. The incidence value was below 10 on June 1, 2021. Although zero has not yet been reached, the Republic of Malta is the first EU country to achieve herd immunity, as 70 percent of the adult population has been vaccinated at least once.

Click here for more information and accommodation in Malta.

June 4th, 2021

When the rental car
becomes a Luxury good

How rental car prices are exploding in Europe and what can be done about it


Europe opens the doors to tourism! Summer, sun, beach and sea attract all those who are hungry for travel to the south. But when it comes to rental cars, vacationers now have to be very brave.

According to an investigation by the comparison portal “billiger-mietwagen.de”, prices are going through the roof in most holiday regions. If you want to rent a vehicle in Mallorca during the main holiday season (July, August), for example, you should expect an average price of 63 EUR per day. That is a plus 150 percent surcharge compared to 2020. On the neighboring Balearic Islands

it doesn’t look much better. While Ibiza charges an average daily rent of EUR 68 (125 percent price increase), Menorca pays a rent of EUR 58 per day. (109 percent price increase) It looks better on the Spanish mainland, where e.g. an average daily rent in Alicante is possible around 40 EUR. In Italy and Portugal prices have increased in

comparison to last year. In Sardinia even a 161 percent increase compared to 2020 can be observed. In Greece a rental car costs an average of 45 euros, in the previous year the price was 17 euros, which is also 160 percent more. In France, the premium of 55 percent is almost moderate, with the price in Turkey remaining stable at around EUR 30.

So what to do with all the price increases and scarcity in the rental car market?


If you are dependent on a rental car at your holiday destination, I would advise you to book as soon as possible upfront. According to experts, it makes sense no longer to rent the vehicle at short notice, but rather four to six weeks in advance – even if a booking cannot always ensure that a vehicle will then also be available. Without care, it can do this

that this summer ithe rented car becomes the most expensive part of the vacation, if you manage to get one at all. The expensive rental vehicles also drive up the fees and waiting times for taxis. On the other hand, they also inspire creativity on all sides. In Hawaii, for example, tourists can now book vehicles from private individuals on Facebook.

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Rental car comparison

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June 2nd, 2021

France, Spain, Italy – where can you go on vacation?

When vacationing in European countries, very different Corona rules apply.
Here’s what travelers should know:


The summer vacation 2021 is unfortunately still influenced by the coronavirus pandemic. In many European countries, travel is still made more difficult by the infection rate. This can be due to the existing rules and restrictions in the holiday country – or when returning to Germany.

In some holiday countries, “normal life” is gradually starting again. Of course, subject to certain conditions and with proof of vaccination or recovery or a negative test. But what is currently possible on vacation, what is allowed or prohibited? Here you get an overview of the most important questions about traveling in the pandemic and about the situation in the most popular EU holiday countries:


Spain is and will remain the most popular holiday destination for Germans. The nocturnal curfew has been lifted since the beginning of May and further easing in the country make a vacation there very uncomplicated. Neither the Balearic Islands nor the Canary Islands are classified as a risk area. Despite the fact that

it is compulsory to wear a mask in public and it is still urgently requested to comply with the distance rule, there is no longer a travel warning from the Auswertigen Amt. From Sunday (June 13th) on Mallorca indoor catering will be allowed to open again and the curfew will be postponed to midnight.



Greece is preparing intensively for the summer season. I only came back from my vacation in Greece on Saturday and I have to say that everything went smoothly. Travelers from the EU are already allowed to re-enter the following destinations in the country without quarantine: by direct flight to:

Athens, Chania, Heraklion, Corfu, Kos, Mykonos, Rhodes, Santorini or Thessaloniki and by land via the border posts Promachonas and Nymfaia (Bulgaria) A negative PCR test is required for entry and not to be forgotten is the Online registration with the Greek state.


Italy splits up its 20 regions, depending on the infection scenario, in four risk zones – red, orange, yellow and white. The current classifications can be found on a Map of the Italian Ministry of Health. Italy is loosening up more and more for tourism and freedom of movement is increasing. Outdoor catering is also allowed to reopen in some regions. In the white zones, most regulations will

be lifted, so that you only have to comply with the mask requirement and should pay attention to the distances. Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Sardinia and Molise have been white since yesterday, and Veneto, Liguria and Abruzzo will follow from June 7th.


Croatia wantsto make vacation as easy as possible for tourists this summer despite the Corona crisis. You may enter without quarantine if you have been vaccinated against corona, have a negative antibody or PCR test (no more than 48 hours old). Upon entry, the contact details of the travelers will be used

registered for the duration of the stay. To avoid long waiting times when crossing the border, the data should be provided in advance via online registration Cafés and restaurants are open outside.


When entering France you still have to adhere to strict guidelines,because France is more affected by the corona pandemic than Germany. Tourists are allowed to enter France during the day (between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m.), although tourist activities are prohibited between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. as in

a general exit ban applies during this period. If you want to stay overnight in France, you should clarify with the accommodation in advance whether this is possible. There are only exceptions to this if there are specific valid reasons. Restaurants and cafes can once again receive and serve guests in the outdoor areas.


Those who would like to spend their vacation in Austria, no longer need to worry about the quarantine, because this is no longer applicable. However, there is still a test obligation, so that the tourists need a negative test result or, alternatively, a vaccination certificate or recovery

from a Covid 19 disease. If no test can be presented upon entry, it must be carried out on site within 24 hours. The electronic registration also remains. Tourist overnight stays are Allowed for vaccinated, convalescent and tested people and the restaurants are open again.

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The Corona restrictions are currently changing almost daily in all European countries – it is being relaxed. It is best to find out which entry conditions apply to the respective country immediately before your departure.

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