September 01, 2021

Why you should book your next trip through

Lately I’ve been asked more and more whether I have opened a travel agency, how my business actually works and whether everyone can book their trip through DESTINATIONS – by SARAH M.? Find out here how easy the platform works and how you can do something good with every travel booking.

The idea for my travel journal came up in early 2021 when I was dealing with the topic of online marketing. In addition to my full-time job as a family manager, Airbnb operator and student, I wanted to build something that I enjoy, that is in line with my interests and competencies and that allows me to generate an additional income. So I decided on my greatest passion: TRAVELING! For me nothing is

fascinating than being able to discover the world, to immerse myself in foreign cultures, to be pampered in a beautiful hotel ambience or to slow down everyday life in wonderful places of strength and pause time for a moment. When I told my friends and family about my idea, the term “influencer” quickly came up and I noticed that everything was pulling together in me. Me, an influencer? – Please don’t! Of course I would like to inspire you to spend your free time in beautiful places, but mainly I want to help you experience an unforgettable vacation. On the social media channels an in the 


journal articles I would like to inspire you and report on great travel destinations and extraordinary hotels. It is also important to me to create awareness for mindful travel, because as a mother it is my priority to be an authentic role model for our daughter and not, as I often think, to model an influencer world just to get the next advertising contract or hotel deal to secure.

The 6 principles of

It quickly became clear that opening a classic travel agency was out of the question for me, as this business model cannot be represented for me in terms of time. But how about starting a travel blog where readers can book their next trip straight away? Why not start a cooperation with the big players in the travel industry? – Yes, it would be exactly that! Said and done.

Since I have concluded partner contracts with all travel providers that you can find on my homepage under “Book a trip”, you actually only have advantages:

1. No additional costs, but added value.

You have the advantage of always up-to-date inspiration and personal advice. There are no additional costs for you when booking, I always get my commission from my partner programs.

2. Individual instead of mainstream.

High-quality and extraordinary trips to special places are my passion. You and your wishes for the perfect vacation are in the foreground and not the number of likes.

3. Personal instead of anonymous.

Vacation is something special and therefore something very personal, that’s how I define my advice. In a personal exchange by phone or email, we will discuss your wishes and find your perfect destination.

4. Your inspiration, my commission.

I would be happy to inspire you to find the right trip for you. If this succeeds through the offers on my site or my individual advice, I will receive a commission from the provider when booking, not from you.


5. My claim, your satisfaction.

It is important to me to only convey high-quality and responsible travel. Through my many years of experience in the travel industry, I have developed a feeling for this and high standards for myself. You benefit from this, because I only recommend trips that I am personally 100% convinced of.


6. Travel today, think about tomorrow.

For every travel booking via my website, I have a tree planted in cooperation with my business partner Planet Tree. So you support my mission here at no extra cost: to combine travel, awareness and responsibility.

Planet Tree

Travel today and think about tomorrow!

Looking back on all my travels over the past 25 years, I feel very grateful! Grateful to be able to discover the world with its wonderful places. Grateful for the amazingly diverse people and cultures that I have met. Gratweful for how all the trips have changed me. I am convinced that every journey is, to a certain extent, a journey to oneself – at least that is my experience.

But since I’ve always been a person who likes to look at the coin from both sides, who questions things and consciously walks through life, it is very important for me not to ignore the topic of climate protection and sustainability in the travel industry. In my opinion, responsible care is our duty – both to the environment and to future generations!

How can we continue to enjoy the beauty of the earth and travel through it, but on the other hand create an awareness to take responsibility? We certainly agree that a big step would already be taken if everyone, for example, would offset the voluntary amount for the CO2 emissions of their flight or, when choosing accommodation, ensure that the hotel attaches importance to reducing waste, using plastic-free products and offering a fair one Wages pay.

Did you know that every person would have to plant 450 trees in order to become completely CO2 neutral ?! How many trees have you planted so far? One? None? – Then let me plant a tree for your next travel booking through my website with my official partner Planet Tree.




Any questions? – Here are the answers!

• Why should I make the detour via the DESTINATIONS – by SARAH M. page the next time I book a trip when I can simply click on the travel agent’s page or book via his app?

In a world in which everything revolves around convenience and as few clicks as possible, it’s a legitimate question and I can understand if you don’t want to put up with this additional effort. But how would you react if I tell you that with just 2 to 3 clicks more you support my mission to reforest the German forests and honor my work of keeping you up-to-date on the travel industry every day without paying a cent ? Would you then be ready to take the detour?

The deal is very simple:
– You book your trips either incl. personal advice or even without via my page “book a trip”
– There are no additional costs for you – possibly even advantages through partner program discounts
– I get the commission from the travel agents only – not from you!
– For your travel booking, I have a tree planted through my business partner Planet Tree (CO2 compensation)

That is how easy the deal is and with it the way to your next trip and at the same time your possibly first tree. I would be happy if you think of me the next time you book a trip. Regardless of whether it is the long-distance travel or just the train ride to the next city. Since I was able to convince all major travel providers of my travel journal, you have the opportunity to draw on the full.

• What exactly is my added value when booking through DESTINATIONS – by SARAH M.

Inspired by current trends, offers and the extraordinary, you will regularly find new ideas for your next dream trip on DESTINATIONS – by SARAH M. as well as on my social media channels (Facebook and Instagram). From the abundance of offers, I look for something special from my point of view and thus offer you a reliable selection of high-quality travel destinations that I have experienced or checked myself.

The criteria after the destinations are selected is my own claim from more than 10 years of experience in the travel industry. My goal is to provide high-quality trips that I would invest time and money on myself. I will not recommend any destinations that I have not been to or that I have not checked carefully and fully support.

• Do I certainly have no additional costs?

No!!! – The prices that result for you on the linked pages of my partner programs are identical to those of a direct visit to the partner page. With special offers on my site, you also benefit from discounts that are only available via partner sites. So you don’t pay any commission or hidden additional costs to me and I get a commission directly from my partners such as Check24, Lufthansa, Booking, Tripadvisor & Co.

• Why should I follow DESTINATIONS – by SARAH M. on social media?

To get the latest information, inspiration and ideas about extraordinary and responsible travel and special vacation spots. I also regularly refer to special offers and new travel options on Facebook and Instagram. In addition, great prizes will be raffled off in the competitions, which you would certainly be happy to receive.

• Not convinced yet? Then let me prove you wrong.

Feel free to contact me personally and together we will find your perfect next destination. If you are not convinced by my suggestions or if you find them cheaper somewhere, no problem. Then this only cost you the time of a short phone call or email, because my inspiration is and will remain free for you.

• If you would like to find out more about me and my mission, then click here.


My experience

“Travel is the only thing you buy
that makes you richer”


Are you now ready for your next travel booking via DESTINATIONS – by SARAH M.? Then click the button here and your next vacation can begin.